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BARNEY'S---WHO ARE WE?  Barney's was established in 1944 by Barney Sr.  That was over 75 years ago and we are still going strong.  The principals upon which Barney started this business are alive and well.  We believe in professional installation of quality products.  Changing times has not changed our character.  What has changed is the building materials marketplace.  In the absence of real lumber yards we now have the so-called big box stores.  They sell everything from lumber to flowers.  They base their customer base upon selling everything from nuts to bolts.  Many of their products could be considered to be standard quality--For example the John Deere mowers they sell are nothing like the John Deere mowers you see at a professional tractor supply company.  Of course they are much cheaper but so are their products.  Where the tractor stores sell equipment designed for rugged and professional use--the home centers sell much cheaper units for the occasional use.
The same thing is true concerning building materials.  The big box stores usually sell products which they can sell cheaper--and of course the products are cheaper.  The big box stores offer references and services for installations --most of which are sub-contracted.  
Manufacturing companies rarely sell you the consumer on a direct basis.  Most sell to Distributors or Dealers. Distributors usually sell to dealers.  This business practice adds to the costs of most all products.  Some Distributors ship directly to you and bill the Dealer, the Dealer in turn charges you.  Bottom line you are paying for multiple handling, shipping, and markup on these products.  Since we purchased many truck loads direct you no longer are charged for these extra expenses.  You get high quality materials at a much lesser cost.
We do research and marketing in most all building trades.  Since we sell directly to these professionals we can offer you a complete detailed list of recommended installation companies.  Do not be confused about who we are!  We are a factory direct building material supply company.  There are several companies which use the name "Barney's".  We highly recommend these professionals but keep in mind that the supply company does not legally control any of these separate LLC or LC companies.

  Remember that "Cheap work ain't good--Good work ain't Cheap"