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Garage Door Operators

Why won't my operator close from my remote?
​It could need a new battery but before you purchase a new battery or call your garage door service person-- check out the sensor eyes.  How do you accomplish this?
The wall button is on the wall close to your walk in door inside your garage, the sensor eyes are on each side of the garage door track attached close to the floor.  Using your inside wall button-- push the button--don't hold it down.  If the door closes then you might have a bad battery or bad remote.  IF--If you have to hold down the inside wall button to get the door to close--then you have a sensor eye problem.  Usually they are just dirty or knocked out of alignment.  Also you could have a broom or something blocking the eyes from working.  Simply check them, wipe them off or remove the object that is blocking the eyes.  
The purpose of the sensor eyes is for safety.  The idea is that you could push your remote button while something is in the way of the garage door.  For example it could be your wife's car--bad idea to close the door on her car.  Maybe you left your lawn mower under the door opening or it could be your pet Bull Frog--whatever the purpose is to keep you from closing the door from your remote if it is obstructed.
From the wall button the door operator company believes that you are standing in the garage and that you can physically see your door and watch it close---with that in mind--we do not recommend that you stand there and close the door on you wife's car.
On the serious side--remember the garage door is probably the largest and heaviest moving article in your home or business.  Safety is number one..  
The sensor eyes can be replaced but they must be the exact brand designed for your operator.  If your remote is defective you can usually purchase a new one.  One of our suppliers makes a universal remote that will operate almost any brand of operator.
Hopefully we have saved you a service call charge on this one.

What is this page all about?  As we progress on our web site the purpose of this page is to let you know about what is going on at Barney's!  What are we doing?  Some history of our projects, some personal information about our professional people, employment opportunities, and more.  Why "The Insider"?  We are the oldest Siding company in the area.  So the name just seemed to fit.  You probably did not know that Barney Sr. started this company back in 1944.  Barney actually install siding on the O'reilly Hospital back in the 40's.  That siding was asbestos siding.  Actually it was cement siding with asbestos fibers mixed in the material.  The surface was usually wood-grained and had a glazed (baked on) surface.  The appearance of the product seldom changed over 70 years of weather and exposure.  This was a durable product except for the bottom row which usually was broken or cracked by lawn mowers and baseballs.  So that is enough of that--don't want to bore you to tears!
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